Computation and Theory of Soft Materials
Some of the group codes are now managed with subversion (SVN). Please follow the instructions below to access the codes under subversion.

Setting up your SVN

Make sure that subversion is installed in your machine where you plan to access the codes under subversion. Use the following command on a shell:
$ which svn
Nothing is returned if it has not been installed already. If so, ask for installation.

Edit the SVN config file:
$ vi ~/.subversion/config OR vi /etc/subversion/config
Look for the section, which begins as follows:
# [helpers]
# editor-cmd = editor (vi, emacs, notepad, etc.)
The two lines should be changed to the following:
editor-cmd = vim +"r ~/template"
This means that the file ~/template is opened for a log message while committing. Now find the section labelled [miscellany]. It may be commented out currently with a #. If so, remove the #. Then, add the following line below: global-ignores = *.o *.mod lib*.a
Save the file before you quit!
Download the file template directly under your home directory.

Create a directory 'svn' directly under your home directory and go to this directory:
$ mkdir svn
$ cd svn
Now type the following to checkout the code using your username:
$ svn co svn:// --username USERNAME
When prompted for the password, enter your password provided.

This will bring a copy of GlOSP from the repository to your computer.
Now go to the directory 'lapack' under ~/svn/GlOSP/:
$ cd GlOSP/lapack/
Untar the file lapack-3.4.2.tgz:
$ tar -xzvf lapack-3.4.2.tgz
This will create the directory lapack-3.4.2; go to it and execute the following commands sequentially:
$ cd lapack-3.4.2
$ cp
$ make blaslib
$ make
The execution of the last command will take a while.
Copy the following files to the directory ~/svn/GlOSP/source/ and go to it:
$ cp liblapack.a librefblas.a ../../source/
$ cd ../../source/
Now compile the code:
$ make
On successful compilation, the executable GlOSP is created under the directory ~/svn/GlOSP/bin/.